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all seasons in one day 38 °F

I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant and fitting end to this trip, than to spend a couple of days at the seaside, in Brighton. I had a wonderful hotel room on a high floor, and with lots of windows, overlooking the ocean. I didn't make an effort to "go" or "do" or "be" anywhere... just some quiet time at my favorite place - by the ocean. Most of the pictures are of just that - the ocean, light on the ocean, storms on the ocean, etc., etc. Really enjoyed my visit to this busy seaside resort town.

Well m'dears, this is the last post for my 2011 adventure. I finally had to pay attention to what the body and spirit were telling me, which was to head back to the States (for now). Other adventures await, most definitely!

Until my next adventure!


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sunny 40 °F

Canterbury turned out a bit different than I had imagined: The town itself seemed smaller than I thought it would be (and more tourist-oriented), but the Cathedral was so much more grand than I had pictured. In fact, most of the pictures I posted are of the Cathedral (although no mere photograph can capture the sheer size and beauty of the place). The Cathedral was begun in 597, and added to and refined throughout the years. It's the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the leader of the Church of England. In 1170 Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral by knights of King Henry II. Pilgrims who visited the shrine to Becket's martyrdom and their journeys are described by Geoffrey Chaucer in his famous "Canterbury Tales." Of course, there is much, much more history to the Cathedral (and the town) - well-worth looking into. Amazing place.

My next stop will be Brighton, before the hop up to Heathrow and back to the States.

Until then!


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rain 45 °F

Anyone for a spot o' tea? I'm quite sure I am (when you see the pictures, you'll know why). I finally got my wish... seeing The White Cliffs of Dover; but it's a good thing I sailed yesterday (Wednesday 7th December), because today you'd never have seen them on the crossing. And the best place to see them is from the ocean. Of course, above all, Dover is a major seaport, and the numbers of ferries steaming in and out of the harbors (East and West) is something to see. When I made the crossing, it was sunny from Calais to Dover, but there were gale force winds blowing, which - for someone with no vestige of sealegs - was a bit of a challenge. Today (Thursday 8th December) it's blowing even harder, with fog and rain for good measure (not very cold, however, which is good); but (huzzah!) I still managed to make my way up to the top of the cliffs for a birds-eye view of the wicked-looking ocean. Tomorrow I'm heading to Canterbury... 'chat' then!


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semi-overcast 34 °F

No matter how you spell it - French, Dutch, or German (although since the main language here is Dutch, I'll stick to that form) - the town of Brugge is amazing! The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with good reason. Brugge has been aptly nicknamed "Venice of the North" (you'll see why from the photos) - everywhere you look is a scene crying out for a picture postcard shot. Even in late Autumn there are a surprising number of tourists wandering around town, taking in the sights (like yours truly!). So much to see, so many historic and beautiful buildings... I could go on and on. And everyone I've run across has been friendly, helpful, kind, and patient - lovely townsfolk. Add in the over 400 varieties of beer, the wonderful Belgian chocolate shops that abound, and the general magic of the place - Brugge is a definite "must-see" on anyone's itinerary. There will be quite a few pictures posted for this, my last stop on the Continent, so I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Now... back to Merry Old England!


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storm 39 °F

All right... I admit it! I've been beaten by the weather in this beautiful city. I sallied forth this morning, with longies on, umbrella unfurled, gloves on, and a raincoat and two sweaters protecting me. "Ha!" I said to myself... a little rain won't stop *me*! Well, the umbrella broke almost immediately, and in no time at all I was the proverbial 'drowned rat.' I was only out in the stuff for a little under three hours (with a break to have a killer cappuchino), before deciding that discretion is definitely the better part of valor and turning back for the hotel. But the city of Luxembourg is beautiful, even if I don't have many pictures to attest to that. In Luxembourg, people grow up learning and speaking Luxembourgish, French, German, and English (wow!). Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful, and cheerfully tolerated me trying to speak any of the (very) few words of French I've picked up, before switching to German, and finally relenting and letting me continue in English. Next time I visit this beautiful place, it will have to be in better weather!

Enjoy what I posted. Tomorrow I head for Bruges, Belgium.

Later -


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