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The best word for this part of my journey is WOW! What a stunning part of the world this area is. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is in Bavaria, and used to be considered two separate towns... then the 1936 Olympics were held at a location between the two towns, and it was decided they should be annexed, hence the title "Garmisch-Partenkirchen." The towns are separated by the Partnach River, and a highlight of my visit was to hike the Partnach Gorge on the Partnachklamm - amazing! I have also taken a trip up to the Zugspitze, which at 2,962 meters, is the tallest mountain in Germany. Of course, I HAD to have a German dunkel bier at the "top of Germany!" It's been an outstanding visit, coming here to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Enjoy all the pictures, and I'll "see" you again in Vicenza, Italy!


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(JA, JA!)

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Heidelberg turned out to be as much fun as Kassel was frustrating... great city! Between the fantastic castle, beautiful architecture, old buildings, markets, the Alt Stadt (Old City), and friendly folks, it was great. I took long walks (several times) along the river Neckar, and took *lots* of pictures. Took a tour of the Heidelberg Schloss (castle), which was fascinating, and whilst on the castle grounds, toured the Pharmacological Museum - much more interesting than you might first think. I met some interesting people, saw lots of history, and enjoyed wandering all over town (even saw a canary-yellow Lamborghini parked at one of the markets!). The food was excellent - as was the wine (of course!), and I just thoroughly enjoyed my stay in a most interesting town aus Deutschland. Enjoy the pictures!

Until next time -


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Short and not-so-sweet... that's my entry for Kassel. Arrived in town without a reservation (I mean, who needs a reservation in the middle of November, for heaven sakes!) to find that - yes, you guessed it! - there was "no room at the inn." Lemme tell ya, "frustrating" doesn't come close to how I felt after wandering for at least two miles, checking with every hotel I could find, and - no dice. I found myself back at the very first "all full" hotel, to go in to their cafe for something warm to drink. The very nice young desk clerk rushed over and said that she had a cancellation! So even though I got a room I wouldn't normally have opted for (read: expensive), at least I had a place to lay my head for the night. Jaimie and Chad (daughter and son) - this stop's for you!! (and by the way, no pictures... sorry!).

I promise the entry for Heidelberg will be much better!

Until then -

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Guten Tag, meine liebe Freunden!

I'm happy to report that, as distinctly unpleasant as Amsterdam was for me, my first foray into Germany - to Bremen - has been terrific! Still a very flat landscape, which makes for loads of bicyclists dashing about (but not in such numbers as seen in Amsterdam) and good walking paths. My dad's family was from Germany, but I've no idea exactly where; so this sojourn "auf Deutschland" is as much for family remembrance as it is for the joy of exploring. The city itself dates from the early 800's, when Charlemagne established a trading township here. St. Peter's Cathedral (in Bremen, it's entitled "St. Petri : Dom"), dates from the late 800's in parts, and has been added to and embellished over the years... stunning place. The town hall (Rathaus) dates from the 1400's (old part) and 1600's (new part), and there's a beautiful church called "Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche". The town was 70-80% destroyed in WWII, and the reconstruction has been amazing. Everyone I've had the pleasure of dealing with has been most understanding - not to mention helpful - with my struggle in trying to remember, speak, and pronounce my high school and college German; definitely been fun, although my stammering probably prompted them to help!

From here it's on to the town of Kassel, mostly because my son and daughter-in-law's last name is Cassel (American transliteration of the town in Germany), and I want to be able to visit it in his stead. Then it's on to Heidelberg! Enjoy the photos, my friends!

Until next time -


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Hello from Amsterdam -

I know some of you have visited Amsterdam and love it. I can't say that it had that kind of effect on me. I'm sure if I had gotten out into the countryside that it would have been a more positive experience in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is the most expensive city I've visited yet (even more than Dublin), and I've decided to "abandon the ship" (canal boat) and head East, to Bremen Germany (leaving tomorrow - Saturday 5th November). The city itself is very picturesque, with the famed canals, historic buildings, and beautiful "look." It also has a huge area completely filled with porn shops and call girls in windows, displaying their 'wares,' as well as "coffee shops," which are really places to smoke marijuana. Nearly impossible to walk anywhere and not get a 'contact high.' At any rate, the pictures I've posted of the city will give you a feel for how pretty it is.

Until Bremen -


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