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The Leap to England

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Time to say farewell to the US and head across The Pond to Merry Old England. I left Atlanta about 9:15 p.m. on Thursday (9/29), and arrived at London Heathrow on Friday about 10 a.m. (9/30). Heathrow bears absolutely NO resemblance to the Heathrow I flew into some years ago... back then it was crowded, confusing, and very user-un-friendly. This trip through Heathrow was clear, easy, simple, and well-signed - a very pleasant surprise! Upon getting through Heathrow, I took the Heathrow Express to London Paddington Station. I had decided shortly before I left Atlanta that, rather than head up through York and Edinburgh first, I would head West. So... on to Plymouth!

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For the last week of my North American adventure, I stayed with some wonderful folks who are old friends (almost 20 years) living in Woodstock, GA. Woodstock is about 30 minutes north of Atlanta, and Rory & Dorinda have a very nice place set back in about five acres of woods. In getting ready for retirement, they also have seven acres of land that they're building on up in Murphy, NC; I got to go up with them and see it - a beautiful place, set in the Smokies. It has been wonderful getting together again, relaxing, catching up, and getting everything together for crossing The Pond to begin the next chapter in the Grand Adventure. I land in London on 30th September, and have until 28th December to wander Europe. First stop: Great Britain and Scotland!

'Till Next Time!


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Back to the U.S.!

Heading South to New Jersey

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On the move again... this time from Montreal to Cherry Hill, New Jersey - via New York (state), New York City, and Philadelphia. Of course, NYC was late at night, so I didn't see anything but the very industrial part of the train station, but the train station in Philadelphia is historic and quite beautiful. My cousin - bless his heart - picked me up at the Philadelphia station at midnight, and we trundled back to his house in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (about 30 minutes east of Philly).

My cousin and his wife of 38 years live in a small house in Cherry Hill, a very nice, older community. The astounding part of their busy life has been that they, over the years, have fostered over a hundred kids, and have adopted a number of them - in addition to having three of their own. At this point there are nine people living in the house - with one bathroom! This is in addition to various adult children and grandchildren (most of whom live close-by) dropping by, sharing a meal, and visiting. There's always one of the kids who needs to be taken somewhere, chores to be done, meals to be prepared, etc., etc., etc... I think what has impressed me the most, however, is that everyone pitches in, the family helps each other out (without arguments!) and looks after each other. The love and caring in the family is evident everywhere, and in this age of "entitlement," it's wonderful to see a family like Russell and Barbara's. Kudo's to you all !!

OK - I'm off to Atlanta soon, and will write more from there. Take care!


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Adieu Montreal

Being the End of My Time in Canada

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Not only is this a "farewell to Montreal," but more importantly is my leave-taking of Canada. Wandering through Canada has been a great deal of fun, I've seen some stunning scenery, beautiful historic buildings, and met some wonderful, warm, and lovely people. It's only fitting that on my last day in Montreal, I walked down to Old Montreal to see some sights, and had a delicious lunch at a French restaurant - complete with some of the best creme brulee I've ever tasted!

Adieu, Montreal et adieu, Canada!

And the road goes ever on and on......


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Farewell Halifax

Last Days in a Wonderful City

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Well, I guess all good things come to an end, and the inevitable day to say "Farewell, Halifax" is nearly here. *Sigh*. I have really (really!) enjoyed visiting this place, and hate to leave (gosh, how can you tell?!). Today I took a long walk to a very beautiful - and very popular - park about a mile or so from my hostel. The road I was on to get there was "Young Avenue." Now, I mean to tell you, how could I go wrong??!! And many of the houses were beautiful - some the size of my entire hostel! So take a look at the photos, and enjoy my recent views in this wonderful city.



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