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I'm back in Germany again, for a "goodbye" visit before I head to Luxembourg, and then Belgium. Not sure why I picked Kehl, but am pleased with the serendipitous choice. Cute and whimsical, Kehl (pronounced "Kale") doesn't have any large monuments or grandiose churches, but is filled with parks, interesting sculptures, a tree-inspired tower, and a beautiful pedestrian/bicycle bridge called "The Passerelle," connecting Kehl with Strasbourg, France (across the Rhein). I spent the day tramping all over town, not to mention hopping from Germany to France and back again on The Passerelle. Kehl is a great last stop in Germany.... now on to Luxembourg!

Auf Wiederhoren -


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Warning! This wee entry about my stay - rather brief stay - in Switzerland has pictures of places I never discovered the names for! I opted to stay in the little town of Brig, Switzerland, because I didn't want to shell out the many, many Swiss Francs it would have taken to plump for a visit to the likes of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, or Zurich. Brig is a nice, quiet town of about 13,000 people, located in a little valley with big mountains all around. There was no snow in the town, but plenty up on the mountaintops. Brig turned out to be a very pleasant and restful stop in my adventures. Next I'm on to Kehl, Germany (on the Rhine), and then to Luxembourg!

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Highly recommended! Torino was fun, delicious, and beautiful... and felt very comfortable and welcoming. Torino is home to over 150 cheeses, wines too numerous to count, and "birthed" the chocolate bar as we know it today. They also have a drink called "bicerin"... an absolutely divine concoction of chocolate, coffee, and whipped cream - delicious at any time, but especially delightful on a cold evening. When Nancy and I were here, there was a display of artistic holiday lights at various locations in the main part of town, each done by a different artist, with individual themes. We sampled many wines, a number of cheeses, and had more than one bicerin! Of course, we simply could *not* be in Torino without indulging in some of the many chocolate creations in the multitude of confectioner's throughout the city. In fact, Torino has the 'ChocoPass'... a book of coupons for chocolate items from listed chocolatiers - well worth the money! After Torino, Nancy is heading home to Denver, and I will be on my way to Switzerland.

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Nancy and I arrived in Florence, fresh from a lovely time in Venezia. We're not quite sure what we expectedFirenze to be like, but it somehow didn't strike us in the comfortable, enchanting way that Venezia did. Very nice city, lots to see, but the city just didn't "call" to us. The highlight of our stay was visiting Michelangelo's "David", which is housed in the Galleria dell'Accademia museum, along with a large number of works by contemporaries of Michelangelo, as well as a fantastic exhibit of sculptures by Bertolini. Unfortunately, no photography was permitted at the Galleria dell-Accademia, so there are no pictures of the many beautiful exhibits we saw there. We had a good time, and are looking forward to our stay in Torino!

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I have finally arrived in Bell' Italia! Vicenza is an absolutely gorgeous city in the heart of northern Italy. Known for it's architecture, there is nowhere in the old part of the city that doesn't cry out for a picture-postcard photo. I was lucky enough to meet up with the darling mother of a good friend of mine - Maria - who was a treasure! She met me at the railway station when I got into Vicenza Friday (18 November) evening, and brought me a guidebook on Vicenza that she had purchased just for me. Better yet, Vicenza is Maria's home town - she met me on the Saturday and we spent all day together, seeing the sights as only a native can show you. We had a very, very wonderful day. Saturday evening, my good friend Nancy arrived in Vicenza on holiday, and we spent the day today (Sunday, 20 November) wandering the city, visiting museums and local sights, and wound up with a wonderful dinner in our hotel room of locally-made cheese, wine, and bread. Molte Buono!! Nancy and I will be touring around northern Italy until 29 November, when she heads home from Milan, and I head to Switzerland.

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